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MAX Ceiling Series Design Should Pay Attention To What Sep 18, 2017

MAX Ceiling Series design should pay attention to what
MAX Ceiling Series decoration is one of the most important part of home decoration, home decoration plays an important role. MAX Ceiling Series installation can not only play a visual effect, but also can play a heat insulation and other effects. So what should you pay attention to when designing the MAX Ceiling Series?
 1, home furnishings MAX Ceiling Series of the role
    Home furnishings MAX Ceiling Series of different needs of the environment is not the same, the corresponding role is not the same. First, for aesthetics. MAX Ceiling Series to achieve a different line in the same plane of any change, we can play a rich imagination, the perfect combination of light and line; the second, in order to heat insulation. MAX Ceiling Series of installation to reduce the space, with the outside world to isolate a certain distance, making the whole space will not be too hot will not be too cold; the third, for sound insulation. In addition, MAX Ceiling Series can cover up some of the roof of the hidden engineering lines, making the roof of the plane in the same level.
 2 sets of advantages and disadvantages of the MAX Ceiling Series
    Home furnishings MAX Ceiling Series of design to make up for the shortcomings of the high open space, but also cover up the low layer of the disadvantages, but also the original equipment on the beam to hide, so that the top will not mess. In addition, in addition to cover up its shortcomings, but also to provide people with a great visual enjoyment, lighting design and lighting is no longer confined to the lighting function, to create a light and shadow feast. But some of the material MAX Ceiling Series has a certain shelf life, some MAX Ceiling Series after the damp will produce material off the phenomenon, making the room is very dirty, but also to reproduce the decoration, the cost is relatively large.
 3 home furnaces MAX Ceiling Series effect
    The furnishings of the MAX Ceiling Series are designed to fit the overall style of home furnishings. If it is a modern minimalist style design, can be surrounded by white in the case of black lines with the frame, white light, can make the whole space three-dimensional full; if you want to build the Chinese style, in the MAX Ceiling Series of processing may be more Complex and easy to choose, brown or beige material in the MAX Ceiling Series around the carved into some simple patterns, people look like a traditional Chinese antique feeling. No matter what kind of style, remember and the surrounding decoration, color and light match Oh! Otherwise the design of the MAX Ceiling Series will make people feel very abrupt and uncoordinated.
Home decoration is the most complex issues, then when it comes to decoration, the first part will think of it? As the most easily overlooked part of the MAX Ceiling Series, design MAX Ceiling Series is the most prone to errors, the following Xiaobian for everyone one by one summary.
Misunderstanding 1:
    Mounted on the MAX Ceiling Series was enough grade. In fact, due to the high level of commercial housing as before, usually only 2.6-2.8 meters. And in such a relatively small space to install MAX Ceiling Series, in the visual will make people feel nervous, depressed, and then lead to some physiological reactions, such as dizziness, nausea and so on.
Misunderstanding 2:
    Rugged shape will highlight the owner's personality. Some people install the MAX Ceiling Series, it will design rugged shape, or the use of glass, mirrors and other materials, which gives the usual cleaning has brought difficulties, so that the MAX Ceiling Series became a filth, Air environment. This is especially true in the larger areas where the sand is larger and the dust is more.
Misunderstanding 3:
    Color light source can create a good atmosphere. Many families MAX Ceiling Series will be installed when some colorful light bulbs. In fact, these bizarre feeling is not suitable for ordinary families, abuse is also easy to make the room seem impetuous, destroyed the warm and harmonious mood.