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Unidirectional Flow (laminar Flow) Principles Of Clean Room Feb 09, 2017

In the clean room, from outlet to outlet, air flows through the section almost the same way, with air intake plenum pressure flow effects and filters, whole sections of uniform velocity, at least within the workspace streamlines unidirectional parallel, not Eddy. This is what three characteristics of unidirectional flow clean room. Parallel to the current one-way, refers to both lines parallel to each other, single direction.

Unidirectional flow Cleanroom state judge from the Reynolds number of the flow is turbulent, so called laminar clean room of laminar flow and laminar flow is an entirely different concept in fluid dynamics. Therefore, laminar flow clean room this term is not appropriate, point this out to some foreign standards and the article also, such as the British standard BS-5295 was defined as a unidirectional flow called laminar clean room clean room, only used in parentheses indicate the laminar. Qian Federal German standard VDl-2083 is with "non-turbulent flow of replacement flow" this a terms, and in note in the pointed out that, laminar this a concept just to difference early Yu laminar clean room appeared of turbulent (mess) flow clean room and in at used of habits terms, "laminar system" of exact mean is not layered flow, but turbulent flow of replacement flow, with chapter mentioned of concept is turbulent flow of gradient flow. In fluid mechanics, this flow can also be called parallel or one-way flow. 1977 China in clean air technology was chosen for "parallel flow" is the term later in the term also points out that traditionally called "laminar flow".